Now Booking 2016-2017 School Visits!

Hello everybody! Hot off the hard drive is my school visit kit for the 2016-2017 school year. I’d love to come visit your school system with one of the following programs (descriptions written in riveting third-person). Download the full kit here:  fred-koehler-appearance-kit-2016

School Assemblies 

Let Fred inspire your large group with the real-life stories that made him want to be a writer. From climbing mountains in the dead of night to sunken boats in stormy seas, Fred’s talk will help your kids learn to believe in themselves, and see the adventure in their own lives.

School Workshops

In smaller classroom settings, Fred works one-on-one to teach elements of writing and illustrating. Younger students will learn to draw his characters and older students will write and illustrate their own adventures.

Author Lunch!

Bring a few of your best readers to a special lunch with Fred. They can ask all the questions they want, and Fred will do his best not to steal their tater tots.

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