About Fred Koehler

Fred Koehler wrote and illustrated his first book at age seven titled SAMMY THE SHOESTRING. It went on to win a shiny gold star sticker and an iced cinnamon bun from the vending machine in the teachers’ lounge. From that point on, Fred has never stopped doodling or writing stories (except when he tried to be a grown-up for a few years, which didn’t really work out).  He lives, works, and plays in Lakeland, Florida. For all publishing inquiries, please contact Tracey at Adams Literary.

Here are ten other things you might want to know about Fred:

  1. Fred likes to pick up shiny objects.
  2. Fred used to doodle in school and church instead of paying attention. He’s pretty sure the important stuff sank in.
  3. Fred’s dad once sunk a boat. So has Fred.
  4. The president of Fred’s college forced him to glue two pages shut in every single copy of the yearbook Fred edited.
  5. Fred still goes to coffee with the president of that college.
  6. Fred really likes advertising. Some people think he’s pretty good at it.
  7. Fred lived in West Africa. Once, he climbed a mountain and crossed a river in the dead of night. Because, well, it got dark.
  8. Fred gets lost easily.
  9. Fred hangs out at Mitchell’s Coffee House in downtown Lakeland, FL.
  10. He’s probably there right now.